CCIA IP report

Often independent computer industry associations are never that, so one often reads their reports with more then a healthy dose of scepticism. Having spent some time last week at an ip conference it was quite useful to find this report from the CCIA ( thanks thiru).

CCIA Comments on the WIPO Report on the International Patent System

The Computer & Communications Industry Association wishes to commend
WIPO for undertaking this report for the Standing Committee on Patents. This
synthesis of current conditions and issues is a landmark first step in reorienting
WIPO towards further understanding of how intellectual property functions in the
global economy and how patent law regimes can be improved or reformed to
better meet agreed-on goals. We believe that WIPO should take a leadership
role in integrating economic and legal analysis in collaboration with other
organizations that show a genuine commitment to disinterested research and
analysis. We hope that WIPO will build capacity both in-house and in engaging
the broader community of researchers and stakeholders.