IP recommendations

I blogged about the joint seminar for capacity development on Intellectual property hosted by DST, WIPO and JICA earlier. We had the some of the top experts in the country as well as some international guests, and even an IP lawyer or two. Well what came out of the conference are the following recommendations and conclusions which have been sent on to the powers that be.

The Participants recognised that the stimulation of innovation is crucial for South Africa.

Government support for innovation in science and technology is primarily to address the needs of the people of South Africa.

Government support extends to the provision of funds for engaging in research or developing new ideas, and for the provision of the infra-structure needed to conduct the research.

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Intellectual property includes a wide range of information and know-how. The range of IP includes ‘know-how’, trade-secrets, industrial designs, trade-marks, plant variety rights, copyrights, geographical indications and patents. Most of these need registration, others, like copyright, provide automatic cover once expressed in ‘writing’.

Innovation should be stimulated through interaction with others within and without South Africa, particularly in relation to new science and technologies. New discoveries in science and technology are most often the result of large consortia across the world working together to enhance the basic knowledge that leads to innovation. This is especially true for advances in ‘new’ sciences – Information sciences, technology and database design, biotechnology, genetics, nanotechnology and synthetic biology are examples.